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The glass screen protector installed very easily, the only thing was it did have a small dot in the middle of the screen that was there out of the package it is visible but does not bother when using the tablet. if not I would have gave it 5 stars.
This shield first cracked in my hand, then shattered as I tried to install it. I installed it anyway, figuring I would buy a new one, but I didn't have to. Once installed I can't see the cracks or the place it shattered.
Great sounding audio for this reasonable price but also a good pair of headphones for running with! The in-ear buds are very securely positioned; I wore them during jogging, biking, at the gym. Clear sound, easy accessible controls, receiving calls is simple with clearly audible sound without interruptions or interference. Maximum distance from phone was 26 ft for stable clear sound.\nEasy and simple to Bluetooth pair with my iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy Note 4. It takes 2 hours 11 mins to get fully charg...
I run a lot so i am always looking for some nice wireless headphones that do not slide out of my ear and also has bass to them without having to spend 200 dollars on them. I will say these are pretty good. They are nicely curved so that they hook on your ear to prevent them from sliding out of your ear. I also like the bass that they had. It makes my runs way much better when they sound quality is good. I would recommend these to someone for sure. (I received this product at a discount in exchange for an...
This protector is exactly what it is advertised to be - a super thin piece of glass that is cut to fit the tablet. My thoughts:\n1) Like most screen protectors, this is a 1 time only installation. You need to make sure your tablet is clean and you need to make sure it is lined up properly before you stick it on. You can get it back off again if you are REALLY careful, but not without dust or fingerprints getting on the sticky side of the protector. If you are anything like me, a speck of dust under a scr...
Dan Mac
This thing still has my tablet in one piece. I have dropped my tab (in a case) more than once and you wouldn't be able to tell. I also had to send in my tab for a warranty repair, peeled this thing off and put it in a clean area until my tablet was returned & was able to put it right back on and its still looking and working great!
These are good headphones with fairly decent sound. They sit nicely on my neck when not used which is a plus over most Bluetooth headsets like this. They are very secure in my ears no matter how active I get or sweat.\nThey have great sound for mids and highs for music it is however lacking in the bass. The battery charge really lasts a good amount of time on a full charge but they do take longer to charge because of it . I imagine the battery size is the main contributor to the size of these headphones ...
Justin Wigren
We could not get it to work. We're going to return it. When I tried to sync it through the website provided my computer would not allow me to due to possible virus. Tried several times, and I could not sync at all.
The watch kept randomly turning off and if you were further than six feet from your smartphone, it would disconnect. Will not buy again.
Mark T.
I would like to start off with what comes in the package. I received the headphones, a roughly 1' (foot) charging cord, some extra/different sized ear bud tips, and a simple instruction paper. These headphones do not come with a carrying or storage case.\nI really liked how good the quality felt when I checked them out. They went on fast and were really comfortable. The cord that goes behind your head is round and is the perfect length. Some of the bluetooth headphones sold are flat and twisty like a fet...
So, i Give this smart watch 4 stars. First, the positives. It connects to most devices via Bluetooth. (i have a iPhone 5 if that helps anyone) It has some cool features for the low price, such as: a dial-er,access to your phones phone book, and call log. An alarm, FM radio, calendar, pedometer, sleep tracker, and calculator are some convenient features the watch offers. You can stream music from your phone via bluetooth onto your watch. I used spotify and it played fine. If you have a micro sd card, you ...