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E. Bravo
This pair of gloves worked great and felt very comfortable. I used them when the temperature was in the upper 40's and they kept my hands, and fingers warm. The padding worked great. My hands didn't bother me at all, even after a long 3-1/2 hour ride.
What app i am suppose to download for this smart watch?
Jason Burger
They work great and are really comfortable
Perfect fit, comfortable, and they've held up through a number of crashes. I've worn these gloves for nine months through all kinds of weather and I've fallen hard numerous times. They're still going strong and look good. I've handwashed them twice and they end up looking nearly new. Perfect fit, good protection, tough, and inexpensive. What more could you ask for?
Cindi Holt
Great, fits all woods and the driver. So much easier to get on and off the Ping driver, very well made.
Amazon Customer
Nothing Like the description say very cheap and useless
Nice wristband, accurate and waterproof, and doesn't cost as much as other fitness wristbands. The only thing is that the instructions don't really tell you all operating instructions.
Terri Horen
I received this as a birthday gift from my son yesterday. It does everything as described in the listing. It is working great so far for me. It keeps track of everything. I did experience some user failure on my part at first with the pedometer, but got it sorted out in less than5 minutes. I will check back in again in a few weeks if I need to update this review. So far so good and loving it!!
C L Ealy
Started out working good but then I quit showing my steps until couple days later but it is a nice one compared to others because you have the display and the time and the date and I like the sleep mode it actually shows me deep sleep and light sleep and it seems very accurate
I returned this product. I never got it to sync correctly with iPhone 6S, or with its own app even though the bluetooth connection was there. Waste of time. Button is too hard to press and the icons and numbers are too small. Save your time and money.
Fast delivery. Beautiful, sleek design. I have a larger wrist and it is comfortable. Easy to use, fairly accurate. Syncs quickly and shows messages promptly. Long battery life. I would definitely feel confident enough to buy again, or gift.
Amazon Customer
Love watch, but my text msgs are not showing up..only ID of person texting...